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Local Dems Turning Arizona Blue
Arizona's 1st Congressional District is one of the ten most competitive Congressional races in the country. The statewide races in Arizona are also hyper-competitive, with two polls released in the past week showing the Governor's race between Fred Duval and Doug Ducey a statistical tie.

The Pinetop campaign office is working hard to identify Democratic voters and turn them out on election day and as much as possible through early voting immediately after the ballots drop. We are working on two key strategies to ensure victory in Novemnber....1. Getting high turn out swing voters to choose our candidates over theirs and 2. Getting low turn out Democratic leaning voters to cast ballots.

Each week from the campaign office in Pinetop we are making 1200 plus voter contact phone calls and knocking on 300 plus doors to make sure that we don't come up short In November. As October nears those numbers will need to continue to increase as we hope to canvass every significant precinct in Navajo (and Apache) County.

Through our efforts and that of the District and state wide teams, we did manage to push Ann Kirkpatricks' total in the August primary to 51,000 votes (a significant improvement over the Democratic AZ-01 vote total in the contested 2012 primary). However, the 3 Republicans also combined for 51,000 votes, demonstrating just how tight this race will be.

In addition, the Republicans and affiliated dark money groups funded by the Koch Brothers and other out of state billionaires are going to flood Arizona with negative attack ads which we will need to counter by engaging in in direct conversations with voters. With just two months until election day, we need all hands on deck as soon as possible so that we can win these crucial races. A commitment as little as two hours a week (or even two hours every other week) by a few people could be the difference between winning and losing this election.

If we win this Congressional race in an off year election, it is like'y that we can all but take it off the table in 2016, because Republican strategists will recognize that if they can't win it in 2014, their odds are even bleaker in a presidential year.

In the statewide races with Fred Duval, Felicia Rotellini and Terry Goddard...we have one of the finest Democratic tickets ever assembled in the state's history. Needless to say if we can win the state wide races and turn Arizona blue, it will stay blue for a generation. Demographics is destiny and Arizona will be a blue state eventually. However, rather than waiting for it to tip on its own in 6 to 12 years, our job is to push the time table forward a decade and deliver it this year, so that Arizona is no longer featured daily on MSNBC as a dysfunctional right-wing state.We can do it, but we need all hands on deck to make victory a reality in November.

This article was written by our local field organizer Keith Brekhus, who makes volunteering fulfilling and easy.

Note from Keith: They can contact me at 406-425-2594 or by email at keithbrekhus@gmail.com. Walk ins to the office are also okay, but if people call or email ahead, I can find out when and what they would like to do and set aside time for training or get them plugged in to join other volunteers (for example, if they want to canvass I could get them in the office when other canvassers are around...and since we canvass in pairs nobody has to walk up to a door by themselves unless they want to)

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