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Tobin, a Legend in His Own Poll
Republican Andy Tobin's controllers are out with a new poll that shows he is in good shape in Arizona's 1st Congressional District.

Unfortunately, the push pollsters forgot to call Native Americans. Whoops!

Native Americans represent 25% of the district, but Tobin's pollsters reached only 6% of them in their sample.

"Not only is this poll a statistical joke, it also demonstrates how little Tobin and his out-of-state supporters know about the district," said DJ Quinlan, executive director of the Arizona Democratic Party. "Native Americans make up nearly a quarter of the population of the district, and if Tobin and national Republicans really think Native Americans will only be 6 percent of the turnout, then they're in for another surprise on Election Day."

"This seems to be a pattern from Andy Tobin, who once again overlooks the role the Navajo Nation will play in this election," said Navajo County Supervisor Jesse Thompson. "His campaign is obviously being run by out-of-touch DC insiders and has nothing to offer or say to Navajo voters."

Question for Tobin: Do you stand by this poll?

"Republicans never learned the lessons of 2012, when they released bogus polls to create fake momentum for Jonathan Paton," Quinlan said. "That year, their credibility was destroyed by Ann Kirkpatrick on Election Day and we look forward to the same this year."

The polling snub of Navajo voters comes on the heels of Tobin skipping the Navajo Nation Parade in Window Rock last Saturday, the first AZ01 Republican nominee in recent memory to avoid the tribe's signature event that attracts crowds of more than 100,000. Past GOP candidates Rick Renzi, Sydney Hay, Paul Gosar and Jonathan Paton all attended in previous years.

But, if Tobin lived in the district, he might not be so completely clueless. He lives in Western Arizona, far removed from the reservations of the Eastern Arizona district.

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