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On Tough Day For Dems, Navajo County Goes Blue
Despite a strong showing by Republicans in many areas in the 2014 elections, Navajo County went for the Democrats, thanks to excellent work by volunteers and our campaign staffers.

Here is an explanation from Keith Brekhus, our organizer commenting on Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick's win.

Ann carried Navajo County by almost 1800 votes. A county that Romney carried 53-45 in a much friendlier year for Democrats. In almost every precinct in our area she improved upon her 2012 numbers.

Lakeside was a jump from 27 to 33 percent. Show Low 25 to 30, Pinetop from 31 to 36, Springerville from 27 to 36 Whiteriver from 94 to 95, Cibecue from 96 to 97 (making it possibly the bluest precinct in America last night). Also, now that we see how low turnout was state wide, the Whiteriver Apache numbers look really strong put in perspective. The reservation vote drop off was lower as a percentage than the off reservation drop.

It was a tough tough night for Democrats, but while the nation was going red, AZ-01 and Navajo County went blue. They were zigging and we were zagging. 2016 will be a better year overall for team blue, but I do think it is important to recognize that in the face of 9 million dollars in attack ads we not only defended Ann who was widely regarded as one of the 3 most endangered members of Congress, but we did so in convincing fashion, winning the race by 6.5 points. You all did a great job in making that happen and in a night that was otherwise bleak for Democrats, we now are the proud owners of the largest blue Congressional District in the nation in area. It doesn't make up for all the races we lost, but it is worth something. I have to be in Flagstaff for lunch but I'll try to back by early evening if possible to join you all. Thanks for all your hard work.

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