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Blue Ridge Override Wins
Voters in the Blue Ridge School District have approved an override that will allow the hard-pressed school to spend more money.

The vote is currently 2014 yes with 1967 no. There are only 10 more ballots that could be potentially counted, if the individuals produce their picture ID by the close of business on Wednesday.

Parents and community leaders in Pinetop-Lakeside worked with White Mountain Democrats to put the vote for the schools over the top. It had been defeated in a previous election.

The override allows the school district to exceed a state formula on spending by 15% for each of the next seven years.

Blue Ridge had previously had an override, but spending had to be reduced sharply when the extension vote failed.

It amounts to about $860,000 a year for education, and will cost taxpayers with a $100,000 home about $68 additional dollars per year.

Without the Democrats' concerted campaign for voter turnout in the Pinetop-Lakeside area, the override would have fallen short.

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