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McCain Campaigns Shocking, Tasteless Attack
Last week, the Arizona Republican Party delivered a “Wanted” poster with Ann’s face on it surrounded by multiple photoshopped bullet holes to her campaign office in Tempe.

This attack is appalling, tasteless, and ignorant -- particularly in a year where there have been multiple acts of senseless violence and in the state home to Gabby Giffords.

Despite the attack being denounced by former Rep. Gabby Giffords and former Rep. Ron Barber -- both victims of the tragic shooting in Tucson -- as well as Gabby’s husband, retired Navy Captain Mark Kelly, Ann, and the thousands of you who signed our petition, John McCain has not said a word.

Five days of silence after a disgusting act like this was perpetrated by McCain’s cronies isn’t ‘straight talk.’ It is time to show McCain that his inaction on important issues and failure to speak out against what’s wrong after 33 years in Washington is simply unacceptable.

Rush in a contribution to Ann’s rapid response fund.

There is no place for these kind of attacks in Arizona politics. To show McCain and his cronies this is unacceptable, we’ve set a goal to raise $8,000 in 24 hours.

Will you step up and make a $5 contribution?

Thank you for standing with Ann and denouncing McCain on such an important issue.

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