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Nevada Going for Hillary and Arizona Can Too
Nevada is voting overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton and Arizona can do the same with good voter turnout. With approximately 65% of the total votes already cast in Nevada, Democrats are leading in turnout by 6%.

Not only are Democrats beating Republicans in turnout in Las Vegas, but they are also leading in turnout in the historically GOP-friendly Reno area.

If Hillary wins Nevada, (or Arizona), it would be virtually impossible for Trump to win the election.

Our team covered most of Winslow today. We still have work to do in Legislative District 6 (Holbrook, Snowflake, Heber, Flagstaff, Sedona) where we plan to unseat Sylvia Allen in a state Senate race critical to the future of Arizona.

There is still time to get involved and help future state Senator Nikki Bagley and Hillary in this historic election. Call Keith at 928 358-6843.

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