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Trump Begins to Circle the Drain
A number of things have happened over the last 24 hours that indicate that the end for Trump is getting near.

--He issued an anti-transgender tweet and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the military to ignore the tweet. That is a pretty big deal.

--The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee warned that if Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions there is no way a new attorney general would be confirmed this year. (Leaving the Department of Justice in the hands of the deputy attorney general who hired special counsel Robert Mueller in the first place.)

--Senator Lindsey Graham warned Trump that if he fired Sessions there would be hell to pay. He also warned Trump that if he fired Mueller it would be the end of his presidency. Graham is working with Democrats on a bill to make it impossible to fire Mueller without cause and judicial approval.

--Senator Murkowski responded to a threatening call from Trump's Secretary of the Interior by canceling hearings for the Interior Department and announcing she was "strong and Independent." If she would decline to caucus with the Republicans Trump would be very close to facing a Senate controlled by the hostile Democrats.

--The White House is in complete disarray, with the press secretary refusing to say whether the president supports his own chief of staff.

None of this means Trump is going to be gone the day after tomorrow, but if you have to pick a day for the pool, it might be wise to choose one in 2017.

Congressional Republicans are beginning to realize Trump is going down and they will want the decks cleared so they can try to salvage the 2018 elections.

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