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Arizonans on the hook a trillion dollars with GOP Tax Scam
PHOENIX - The Executive Committee of the Arizona Democratic Party released the following statement just hours after Senate Republicans passed a massive tax giveaway for the very rich on the backs of hardworking Arizonans:

“Just in time for the holidays, the very rich and large corporations got exactly what they wanted -ankara dershane a massive tax giveaway - and all it took was a billionaire to become president, and threats of Republican donors withholding political contributions. Arizonans should be outraged, especially our younger generations, as this Republican tax bill would saddle them with a trillion dollars in debt just to benefit these billionaires.

“Republicans have promised hardworking Arizonans a bag of goods - wage increases, more jobs, in addition to a booming economy - but we’ve heard this before. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the last time corporations got a tax holiday in 2004, they used it for stock buybacks rather than pumping more money into their businesses and employees. We can’t trust corporations to effectively invest in Arizonans, and we can’t trust Republicans to effectively run this state and country when they’re selling out hard working Arizonans.

“On top of giving corporations a tax giveaway on the backs of the working and middle class, Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain helped deliver higher medical insurance premiums for their constituents. As AARP estimates a 64-year-old Arizonan may see an average premium increase of $1,526, raising average premium costs to $16,787 a year. Without the individual mandate, and inevitable higher medical insurance premiums, Arizonans will have no recourse but to live without health insurance-- and that’s just a dangerous path to go down.

“The Arizona Democratic Party Executive Committee remains committed to fight against this scam of a bill, and to ensure Arizonans don’t foot the bill on this massive giveaway for the very rich. We will continue to encourage our grassroots activists to pressure their elected officials and put an end to the tax scam. Above all, we will work to elect local, district, state, and federal candidates that remain committed, not to large corporations or special interests, but to the hardworking people of Arizona.”

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