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Message from New White Mountain Democrats President
Dear White Mountain Democrats,

Thanks to Holly Hanson and Dave Berry, especially, and to all who attended and brought wonderful food and beverages to the party last Saturday. It was fun! Thanks also for showing your confidence in me (Sheryl Eaton) by electing me President of the Club. Others elected members of the Board were Holly Hanson, Barbara Teague, David Widmaier, and Don Wise. Jan Newton continues as Vice President and Ginny Dotson as Secretary, both members of the Board. Eric Kramer, Past President, continues as a member of the Board, and Eduardo Coronado continues as a member of the Board. We are thinking of creating a new position, Financial Coordinator. If that position is created, someone will be either appointed or elected to it.

Although the party was fun, the cloud of the massacre at Newtown hung over us. When I first heard about it, I had many feelings and thoughts; one of the thoughts was that we can't undo what has been done, but we can, in every moment on, work to make things better. I hope we (the whole country, of which we are a part) will develop some logical and acceptable kind of gun/magazine control that will have a positive effect; have deranged or becoming-deranged people be identified and get assistance/institutionalization; find effective (yet inexpensive?) ways to protect schools from intruders; and begin and continue a decrease in violence in videos, movies, games, TV, etc.

Our bylaws say that we must have a meeting every month, so I'm thinking that Wednesday, January 23, would work for January. I have reserved that date at the Town Hall. What time should it start? 5:00, 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 7:00? Please reply to me or Holly with the time you like best. Also, please let me or Holly know what evening of the week you prefer for future meetings. My email address has changed; it is now sheryleaton22@yahoo.com. Holly's is hhanson2@frontiernet.net. I'll inform you when I return as to what time is the favorite; that is the time we will start the meeting. (The Board will have a meeting on Tuesday, January 22, at 4:00, at Mountain Thai, to do some pre-planning.)

The main purpose of the general meeting on 1/23 is to plan 2013 for WM Dems. Here are some ideas we might consider including in our plans:

1. Increase membership; try to sign up some young people

2. Reach out to include the Apache Reservation, Show Low, Snowflake, Taylor, Heber, and Overgaard, with a goal of developing more clubs

3. Get more people actively involved in Club activities

4. Raise funds for activities and the 2014 election

5. Support Eric Kramer's Navajo County Democratic Committee Plans (New NCDC officers are Eric Kramer, Chair; Eli Blake, First Vice Chair; Brenda Manthei, Secretary; Eduardo Coronado, Treasurer. The position of Second Vice Chair will be filled later.)

A. Native empowerment

B. Education

C. Environment

D. Economic development

E. Fund-raising

F. Attention to groups

G. Increased and broadened use of technology

6. Continue to have a yearly benefit for Love Kitchen and Meals on Wheels

7. Have fun activities

Please think about these ideas and email me or Holly about others you think we should address...or about ones I've listed that you don't want included (tell why).

Have a totally great holiday season!

Sheryl Eaton

President, White Mountain Democrats

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