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Tobin's Role in Child Services Scandal
Phoenix, AZ--Try as he might, Andy Two-Faced Tobin can’t hide his complicity in the current scandal at Child Protective Services. More than 6,000 reported cases of suspected child abuse were not investigated and Tobin dares to call the problem systemic.

“Andy Tobin and the Republican super majority in the legislature blew a chance to prevent this tragedy from ever happening,” said State Senator Katie Hobbs, D-Phoenix. “Was it a 'systemic' problem that kept Tobin from appointing legislators to a CPS oversight committee for more than a year as he was required to do by law?”

The committee was created in 2011 by the legislature in response to a number of tragic child abuse murders. But the committee didn’t hold its first meeting until two years later because legislative leaders, including Tobin, failed to appoint any members! It was during that time that a majority of the un-investigated cases occurred.

“I asked Tobin a year ago why he hadn’t appointed anyone and I am still waiting for an answer.” said Sen. Hobbs. “Tobin needs to explain his lack of action to the people of Arizona and especially to the more than 6,000 kids who may have needlessly suffered.”

Tobin is trying to gloss over his involvement in this scandal by telling Capitol Media Services that someone needs to check on each of the 6,000 children as soon as possible.

“If Andy Two-Faced Tobin had personally exercised that same sense of urgency in appointing members of the legislative oversight committee, this scandal might never have occurred,” said DJ Quinlan, executive director of the Arizona Democratic Party. “Tobin is one of only a few people who had the power to prevent this crisis from happening, and his attempt to deflect blame and gloss over the fact that he is personally responsible for no oversight occurring for over a year is pathetic."

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