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Unable to Govern, Tobin Seeks Conflict, Advocates Hate
Led by Speaker of the House Andy Tobin, the Arizona State Legislature passed a bill -- S.B. 1062 -- that would allow business owners to freely discriminate against or deny service to folks they disagree with.

Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick said: "Make no mistake, Speaker Andy Tobin is one of the architects of this heinous piece of legislation. Sources are now saying that Speaker Tobin 'slammed through' this horrible bill in less than 24 hours and that his strategy was meant to silence opposition from the business community and activist groups. In my opinion, his decision to 'ram-rod' this hateful piece of legislation through the Arizona Legislature is a disqualifying act. He needs to be held accountable."

The consequences of this bill will severely hurt Arizonans and damage our economy. If Andy Tobin truly cares about jobs and attracting business to our state, he will immediately denounce this legislation and call for Governor Brewer to veto this bill.

Join me in calling on Andy Tobin to demand a veto of S.B. 1062.

TAKE ACTION: Sign your name to hold Andy Tobin accountable for the passage S.B. 1062 and call for an immediate veto. http://action.kirkpatrickforarizona.com/Take-Action

Since this billís passage, folks across Arizona and the country have stood up against it. Even Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake are urging Governor Jan Brewer to veto it. Speaker Tobin's own seatmate, State Senator Steve Pierce, reversed his position and called the passage of SB1062 a 'mistake.'

We need leaders who are focused on creating jobs and strengthening the middle class. Bills like this divide our communities, hurt people, and do nothing but hinder economic growth.

Please join me to help put a stop to this injustice right now.

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