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Obamacare Covers More Than 19 Million
The Affordable Care Act now brings health coverage to more than 19 million Americans, making a huge dent in its first year of operation in the 45 million people who have suffered without insurance.

Republicans who want to repeal Obamacare face the difficult task of taking health care away from 6 percent of the entire population.

The 19 million breaks down as follows:
7.10 million private insurance signups on government exchanges
0.07 Small Business Exchange Signups
2.17 million off-exchange private insurance signups
4.74 million signed up through Medicaid expansion
1.81 million previously eligible signed up for Medicaid
3.10 million people under 26 retained on parentsí policies

Obviously, the numbers can vary depending on what is counted and the time period.

The website acasignups.com gives a range of 13 million to 25.8 million depending on such things as whether people who lost junk insurance policies are subtracted from the total, whether people previously eligible for Medicaid who had not signed up before the Obamacare campaign are counted, and whether to include surveys that show nearly 7 million additional private off-exchange signups, etc.

It is also important to note that Obamacare, for the first time, permanently funds the Indian Health Service, ending a cycle of stop-and-go funding cycles for Native American health care.

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